Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Trafford Centre Food Court

Located near Manchester United's stadium is the UK's largest shopping mall, The Trafford Centre. As you would expect from any mall of this size, it is complete with shopping, entertainment and dining facilities. We live about 20 minutes walk fromthe centre and this was what we had last week at it's food court.

Harry Ramsden's is a world famous chain of Fish and Chips outlet and in my opinion, also serve the best battered fish you will find anywhere. My son had the fish bites meal, which consisted of little chunks of whole (not chopped) fish. Batter was light and crunchy and so were the chips.

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I had a Karahi Lamb curry from Shere Khan, another popular restaurant name in the UK, mainly in the north. However, this curry was from a large pot and not made to order, so it tasted just ok rather than exceptional. At £5.50 per portion with rice and drink, it's cheap enough and worth the price.

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bigfish_chin said...

Hey, the curry looks really good eh~
Pedas or not?

ling239 said...

is the lamb curry spicy ?

Lannae said...

Your photo of the fried fish with a bite taken is really good. See, you take good photos. If ever I am in the UK, I must try Harry Ramsden's now just because your fish photo beckons me to do so. Also, if a child will eat the fish with no problems, it must be pretty good!

team bsg said...

the fish looks raw and like what we think the original is !

quite unlike the smooth version here in the tropics ?

daphne said...

the fish looks quite oily but the batter looks crunchy. great meal u hv got there!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the batter looks abit burnt somehow..i had great fish n chips in harrods..shit i think they just set the stds way too high!!

my only regret was not to try indian food in uk..ARGH!! looks darn good

Nic (KHKL) said...

bet it's cold at your place now...the curry should be a tummy warmer for you...but i'm guessing it's nowhere are spicy as the ones in malaysia, right?

SueSue said...

Come across your blog when blog hop from BigFish blog. The curry looks yummy to me but izzit spicy?

Hazza said...


curry was only hot enough to tickle my tongue, although it is possible to get very hot curries in the UK, it wont be from a food court.

The fish was indeed good. Its simple too, which I think is what appeals to kids.

team bsg,
It is a flaky cod, so its probably not the same as warm water fish.

Yes, oily (bad!) but you need it to make it crispy! :)

how long were u in UK? Indian curries are the nation's favourite food, cant live in UK without eating curry?? :D

it has indeed been cold this week. unfortunately, curry was not hot enough to warm me up!

thanks for dropping by. Curry not too spicy, but nice enough!

teckiee said...

The food court looks like a bank!

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