Monday, 7 January 2008

Cantonese Steamed Pomfret

Here is my first blog. Hope it is displayed as intended. This is a Steamed Black Pomfret dish I did the other day. Its just a simple Cantonese recipe, using ginger, garlic, spring onions, soy sauce, and hot oil poured over it before serving. I use Black Pomfret because it is half the price of its silver counterpart and is also much bigger. The fish came from Thailand and was sold frozen in a Manchester supermarket at £1.9o. The length of the fish is about 9 inches in the picture, after having its tail chopped off. I know its not the ideal fish to steam but I steamed it with loads of ginger to get rid of its "fishiness".

Normally, I would buy a fresh Sea Bass to steam, which, in my opinion, is the tastiest and meatiest white fish available in the UK. However, it was New Year's day, all the shops were closed, and we have had loads of junk food over the Christmas period and this fish just happened to be in the freezer when we wanted something healthy to eat, for a change.

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ling239 said...

did u manage to get rid of the fishy smell ?

Black Pomfret is best chopped into big pieces and cook assam style... ^_^