Friday, 11 January 2008

Chicken Sate Hong Kong Style

This dish should not be confused with the Satay that we get in Malaysia. It is a completely different dish that is served in almost all the Chinese Restaurants and Takeaways in the UK. As I have never been to Hong Kong, I would go as far as to say that this is an Anglicised Chinese dish that you will probably not get outside the UK, but I have grown to love it nevertheless.

The base of the dish is Jimmy's Sate Sauce. This sauce has a very unique taste and is not at all a variation of the Malaysian peanut sauce. In fact, it is made mainly from fermented soya beans rather than peanuts. However, it is not exactly hot bean (tauchu?) sauce either!

I mix the sauce with peanut butter before using it in the dish.

I then simply gather the "usual" stir fry ingredients together, chicken, garlic, onions and pepper.

In addition to the sauce mix, I add stock and cornstarch.

And finally, the dish itself!

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I would highly recommend you try this dish, wherever in the world you may be. It is extremely simple to make and had a really unique taste. Like a cross between hot bean sauce and mild curry. However, you must use Jimmy's Sate sauce to make it or it will not taste the same.


Jackson said...

wow...this is interesting..HK style. All the while i tot sate is origin from Malaysia

Lannae said...

I like your blog! I too must cook foods (Chinese) for myself because there is a lack of real Chinese food where I live too. The closest real Chinese food is about 450 miles 725 km away.

ling239 said...

u mean sate sauce taste as good without all the charcoal fire ? :p

Hazza said...

This sauce may be called "sate sauce" but it might as well be called spicy bean sauce as it has no relation to the satay we know and love in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

1. Do you have this product in Malaysia.
2. Do the Malaysian people use it in their kithchen.
3. Is this product only made for European market?
4. What Malaysian use this sauce for ie..stir-fried,or as dipping sauce.
5. As a Malaysian, how do rate this product.

I should be very grateful if you could reply to my questtions.

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love the deep Fried Koy so how do you think it would go with this style of marinade??

Anonymous said...

I love the deep Fried Koy so how do you think it would go with this style of marinade??