Sunday, 13 January 2008

Dim Sum Lunch in Manchester Chinatown

We treated ourselves to a dim sum lunch at the Hong Kong Restaurant in Manchester's Chinatown this weekend. We had originally went to Tai-Pan just outside the city but laft when we found that thy no longer do half-price Dim Sums on a Saturday afternoon. It seems only the Hong Kong still does it on a Saturday afternoon. About two years ago, there must have been about 5 restaurants in Manchester that has this offer. Maybe it has become too popular. :(

This Char Siu Cheong Fun looked lovely, but unfortunately, the Char Siu was not too fresh and the cheong fun was not as soft as I would have wanted.

Fung jow jung jai fan (chicken claws with rice). This was actually rather nice and very well presented. The claws were nice and succulent and not too soft as to break off as soon as you pick them up. They were the hottest (spiciest) fung jow I ever had though. Must have gone a bit overboard with the chillies!

The har gok was rather nice too. It had chunks of large prawns in them.

The char siu pau was rather average. Maybe its because we left it a long time before we ate them and they had gotton cold by then. Like the cheong fun, the char siu here was also not very fresh, which affected the taste.

Sang chow lor mai. Fried glutinous rice. I dont think many Manchester restaurants do this dish. When I previously had it at this restaurant, it was quite nice. However, like some other dishes before it, the less than fresh char-siu spoilt the taste slightly.

Absolutely no complaints about this jew pai chow meen (special fried noodles). I'm afraid we had already tucked into it before I had a chance to take the photo. It had large prawns, pork slices, siew yuk, fish cake, fish balls, choi sum, pigs maw and squid in it. Noodles and sauce were cooked to perfection!

This whole lot only came to £18, inc Chinese tea.


ling239 said...

actually do they know the reddish color of the fong-jow does not comes from chili ? =.="

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Hazza,
You have a lovely blog~
I love the way they serve the Fung jow jung jai fan (chicken claws) there! Looks so delicious and yummmy~
I'm new here with blogging since Oct'07. Love cooking and sharing some interesting things of mine.
Hope u don mind i'm adding u into my list.
my blog -


wmw said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! It's great that you're trying to keep Malaysian Food alive even when you're away. I'm a big fan of Sang Chow Lo Mai Fan too and currently get my fix from Hong can read about it here

See you around... ;o)

Hazza said...

I always thought it was marinade that gives it the red colour and the chili padi makes it hot.

thanks for visiting. Dim Sum in UK can easily be as nice as in Malaysia if you find the right restaurant.

I have been watching you blog for ages, just not had an account to make a comment before recently. I did see that Hong Kee Tim Sum blog when you first wrote it and it will be a "must-visit" for me next time I am in Malaysia, as I would be based nearby in section 17.

wmw said...

Hahaha...for ages? Well, don't be a stranger. Feel free to leave a comment. Section 17 and nearby area has quite a lot of good food around. Let me know when you'll be back. I live nearby!

Lannae said...

The dim sum looks good to me! At least you can get dim sum. Where I live, there is none. The closest city is Chicago which is 500 miles, 800 km. I enjoy your blog, and I really like seeing your Asian cooking.

Hazza said...

looks likely this August, but will let you know! :)

how'd you end up there?? One criteria for wherever I settle in the UK was the availability of chinese food. Well, I suppose, in a small country, you are never that far away from a restaurant or supermarket.

Miss Kimbers said...

Mmmm fung jow:) My favourite:)