Saturday, 19 January 2008

Chee Cheong Fun

It is possible to have this dish in the UK too! Ok, so you cannot buy the Malaysian style ccf dish in restaurants - just the Hong Kong style. However, the noodles itself are readily available in all UK Chinatowns and all I had to do was to steam it and make my own sauce.

In Manchester, we even have our locally made ones! Look at the address of the factory on the packet!

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I then simply steam it.

And then add the sauce, a mixture of fried garlic oil, Hoi Sin sauce, sugar, light soy, sesame oil and chilli sauce straight from the bottle (eg. Maggi's). If I wanted the sauce to be thick, unlike in the picture, I just add cornstarch. No sesame seeds in mine as I dont having to pick them out of my teeth afterwards!I have not come across a really good recipe for the sweet ccf sauce, so if anyone reading this has one to share, I would really appreciate it!

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Lannae said...

I am so happy you have a local cheong fun maker! That is what I miss so much here. We have no cheong fun in the restaurants, nor do we have a cheong fun maker. I am so hungry looking at the package!

Precious Pea said...

When I was in Melbourne, i had a lot of local made cheong fun too and it actually tastes quite good. Look for this Lee Kum Kee dried scallop oyster sauce that comes with shredded dried scallop. A few dollop plus some freshly cut cili padi...yumm....very nice! Otherwise...XO sauce also very very yummy.

bigfish_chin said...

Wow...Wow!!! your Chee Cheong Fun looks GOOD leh! The sauce ~ u can try to mix the Chili sauce and bit of oyster sauce, then some minced garlic fried with sesame oil... i bet your will love it :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

shiok!!..ccf..that day i had some..sad to say it was so disappointing..

team bsg said...

staying in this place does have its perks ! packed ccf in stores is unheard of here in Malaysia ( we think ) !

Hazza said...

yes, I count my blessings to be living in Manchester, where Asian food is so readily available. Even fresh durians can be bought here if you want to pay the money.

Precious pea:
Never tried oyster sauce in ccf before, but will give your recommendation a go. Thanx!

I am open to all suggestions, so will try your tip too. Thanx!

you'd be more disappointed if you had mine, lol!

everything here is packaged in a presentable way.. something to do with strict food hygiene regulations. Good food is definitely not as readily available here.... you cant just wake up and walk to a market and have choice of what to eat for breakfast, but you get used to it after a few years.

wmw said...

Hazza, when you get back here...get me to tell you about this sambal dried prawns topping available from the pasar malam. I actually steam the CCF and put the topping and eat it just like that. Good stuff!