Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Not available in the UK!!

A previous comment prompted me to write about something different today. Food we take for granted in Malaysia, but near impossible to get in the UK. I don't mean food you can at least try to reproduce yourself, but drinks, confectionery, and "raw materials" for meals. If you have not lived in the UK, you may be surprised at some of items listed below!

A&W DRAFT Root Beer
We can get the canned version in Chinese supermarkets, but with no A&W outlets in the UK, I really miss the draft version of the drink. The handful of A&W restaurants opened in 2005-2006 have all been absorbed into its sister franchise KFC and no longer serve Root Beer as there is not enough demand for it.

Kjeldsens Danish Butter Cookies
We can get loads of other brands of Danish Butter Cookies but nothing compares to Kjeldsens. I have NEVER seen this on sale in the UK at all. However, I believe that Marks & Spencer used to sell them under their own label in the 1980s, but no longer.

Arnott's biscuits.
I absolutely love their savoury Australian biscuits. A few years ago, they did try to break into the UK market but failed. For a few months after that, I could buy their unpopular biscuits in bargain bin really cheaply. Then they disappeared from the UK market altogether.

Kraft's Miracle Whip
Although Kraft has a major UK presence, this American product is not. Like Arnott's, they tried to market this product in the UK in 2005 and it all ended up in bargain bins before disappearing altogether.

Another popular Australian brand. Never had it in the UK. Never even seen it in Chinese supermarkets.

Popular American brand of sweets that never ever made it here.

"Long Yuk" - Barbeque chinese meat slices.
Again, impossible to get here, not even frozen or packaged. I can get the meat floss in Chinese supermarkets though.

KL Hokkien Mee
Although it is possible to cook it here, you cannot buy the same type of noodles, so an identical dish is not possible.

"See Hum" - Blood Clams
In the 1980s, you could buy then shelled and frozen. You could also buy the Yeo's curried version in a can. Now, it is no longer available anywhere. I wonder if it has been banned, like in China.

The list goes on... I may do a part 2 of this list some time in the future.


Big Boys Oven said...

Congrats for starting your new food blog! Hope to see more home cook and food in manchester! I miss UK!

team bsg said...

interesting"English" food site !

We will watch with keenness the food the snail liver french laugh about

btw you shud check also wennnn's blog ( in London ), frequent visitor to bsg !

ling239 said...

no Arnott's biscuits...
but i believe there are equally good choices too ~ ^_^

Lannae said...

I like this blog post. I am sorry that KFC bought A&W and stopped serving the A&W. But, come to the USA and have as much A&W rootbeer that you want with sandwiches made with Miracle Whip. Sorry about the Arnott's, the situation is the same in the USA.

Hazza said...

Were u in UK as student? Where and when?

team bsg:
thanks for the link! There is a lot I can learn there!

yes, there is a good variety of sweet biscuits, but not so much savoury ones.

back in the 90s, whenever I visited relatives in M'sia or Canada, almost every other drink I drank was root beer, but a bit more health conscious now ;)

Li Vyen said...

hi, was blog-hopping... and stumbled upon your blog.

i miss manchester big time!!!!! :(

oh yes, please add famous amos cookies to the list...

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am also a Malaysia who has lived overseas for over 20 years. Thank you for your interesting blog. Have to tell you that long yuk is easy to make and so is the noodles for KL Hokkien Mee. Try googling for recipes. The world is filled with Malaysians trying quite successfully to re-create Malaysian food overseas. I am so grateful that some of them are willing to share their success.