Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tandoor Fish Fillet

This is a variation of the popular tandoori chicken dish, popular all over the world. Obviously, it was not done in a tandoor oven, instead, it was fried to get the desired texture. As fish cooks quickly and a domestic oven / grill is not hot enough, frying it is the quickest was of cooking without damaging the texture. A grill or oven would overcook the fish.

I did not make the marinade myself .. just bought a packet of tandoori mix, then added natural yogurt, oil and lemon juice. In the mixture, I added white fish (pollock) fillets. It is important that the the fish used is of the firm type or it could break apart during the cooking process.



Prior to frying, I sprinkle one side with flour, then fry that side first.

While frying, I sprinkle flour on the other side. You would only fry each side once. The flour gives the surface a subtle crunch and enhances the charred effect. In this case, I had overdone it a bit!


In any case, I thought it looked alright, served with pilau rice (I used an instant mix here!)



ling239 said...

oh... i tot it needs grilling :p

Precious Pea said...

Looks good! You can try with chicken and wrap it with tortilla smothered with mayo. Throw in some cucumbers, onions and tomatoes too. DELICIOUS!

tigerfish said...

I tried instant pilaf rice mix before but have not tried instant tandoori mix! your set meal is yummy!

sc said...

looks like those served in restaurants (albiet, a slightly charred version :p) actually.. drool worthy nonetheless..

backstreetgluttons said...

vry strong color indeed, but dun think we have come across it in KL

Precious Pea said...

Hey, what happened? U are missing in action. Everything ok?