Saturday, 3 May 2008


Dubbed the King of Fruits, this is a truly regal fruit. It has all the properties of a rich, sugary and fattenning creamy dessert, and does you no good whatsover. However, to acquire a taste for durians is similar to that of being hooked on narcotics. Once you have learnt to like it, you will love it. And once you start loving it, it becomes irresistable and eventually addictive!

To prove this was indeed Manchester England where the photo was taken, I have pictured it alongside a local paper. In fact, durians have been sold in the UK for over 20 years now. Over that time, the price has gone up by only around 10%. Even then, it is still not cheap. This little one from Thailand cost me £11! It was nowhere near the best I have ever tasted, but it's Durian! .. and that is good enough for me, for now!


Imbi & Itchy said...

I've tried the durian's in London before and I must say that its the most "undurian" taste durian I've ever tasted :-) but what to do, when crave hit, no choice huh ...

Precious Pea said...

Aiyoo..time to make a trip back to KL and have a durian kampung feast!

Ethan said...

Imported durian?

Doesn't look super creamy, but hey, the shell looks like a heart-shape :P

Hazza said...

Its really pot luch what you get here. Just expect that it will be under-ripe more often than not, so that it will last longer on the shop shelves

precious pea,
yes that would be nice, although my visits do not always coincide with the durian season, so often, end up eating same type of durians :((

It was not 100% ripe, but enough to satisfy my craving :)

Tummythoz said...

Sorry but that don't look appetising at all.

Then again I don't like Thai durians.

Nic (KHKL) said...

do the durians in uk come with that smell? if not, perhaps i might have just found myself a reason to give it a try..hehe...

so many posts on durians and its associates these days...*clearing the air*..haha!

ling239 said...

when u r back and it is not durian season, i am sure u can also enjoy the durian puffs ~ ^_^

tigerfish said...

Seems that we could only get Thai imports when we are overseas whether in UK or US. But when you buy those in supermarkets, do you realize they don't "smell" at all? I mean, durians' aroma is supposed to hit long distances...but they just don't in stores here! I don't like it when they don't "smell". :P

It's a great find though. I was so happy when I found durians in California.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

eating thai durian is like eating a lump of boiled sweet potato tt's not even sweet. but, i understand durian urges...

wmw said...

Oh yes, second Precious Pea's comment...KL!

daphne said...

I resist buying durian in Australia even though they do import Malaysia's durians. Very expensive! can't wait to go back for the real stuff!!

team bsg said...

here in Northern Malaysia now the red prawn variety is going for RM 10 a kg ,

Each of the edible pulp looks very orange yellow, feels very silky sticky soft , tastes creamy milky sweet and is the most expensice fruit in Malaysia ! with the most disappointments ( at home )

We advise all durian eaters to eat by the roadsides, dunno whether you can do that in Manchester ?

Hazza said...

I agree about the looks, but then, when abroad, not got much choice :((

smell is very weak. cant even smell it from 5 metres away!

question is, where do they get the durians t make the puffs, off season?

I think the smell penetration is a major difference between M'sian and Thain durians.

great metaphor, I agree totally!

Soon, I will be home.. soon!

I thought oz would be temperate to grow Durians? How about in Queensland?

That seems expensive, for Malaysia, but cheap compared to the £7 per kg I paid here! Eating durian by the roadside here? I think I'd get arrested for causing air pollution!