Saturday, 17 May 2008

Char Siu Pau ( Roast Pork Steamed Buns )

Nothing too exceptional or unusual about this popular Chinese snack. However, it is as good as any that I have ever tasted in Malaysia. Can be easily bought from any Chinese supermarket for around £2.50 per half dozen chilled buns. All I have to do is steam them,and they become larger than the average ones you get from a market stall in KL.

Here's my son enjoying one!


ling239 said...

steamed them the chinese way and they will become larger..
never steamed them with the microwave oven...=.="

Lannae said...

Yum Yum! I love these things. I am happy to say, I can get these in the frozen food section of my Asian Market.

tigerfish said...

I never make my own since I could get 6 at US3.99 back in California. And they are quite good too. Love them and steam them for breakfast :)

team bsg said...

now that we know how he looks like with the square mask , we r gonna kidnap him

Precious Pea said...

Your son truly enjoyed his char siu bao! Hahaha!