Monday, 19 May 2008

Sirloin Steak
Once in a while, I cook some western food in the home. This is one of my favourite .. been cooking this since my student days, when I used to buy a 300g steak all for myself. Nowadays, being more health conscious, the meat portions are smaller and the veg portions are bigger.

The sirloin steak is best fried on it's own with little or no marinade, as, in order to seal the juices in, you have to fry both sides on very high heat quickly. Sometimes, this can burn whatever marinade you have on the surface, unless it's just plain salt.

After cooking the meat, I fry some sliced fresh button mushrooms in the same pan so it has the flavour of the meat. On this occassion, I have used frozen pre-cooked roast potatoes. Also included is some boiled brocolli. All this is topped with instant Bisto gravy, bring to boil in the same pan that cooked the beef and mushrooms.

Delicious and simple!


ling239 said...

no cross section of the steak ?
medium ? :p

babe_kl said...

dats a huge plate of food! hehe yummy

tigerfish said...

I like sirloin steak with little marinade. Then I get to taste a good quality beef itself. :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

my kind of dinner if i hav to cook..

normally a quick sizzle on the pan and a couple of minutes in a decently heated oven.

i think beef juices with abit of corn flour is better then instant sauce no?

wmw said...

That's a MEAL alright! ;o)