Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Restoran Jackson, Section 17, PJ

Just like the old days, dining in section 17! This was meal was at Restoran Jackson. I have never been here before but was made aware of it by Ling239 when I visited her blog.

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So obvioulsy, I had to try the Sang Har Meen! We told the propreitor that we heard of him from the net and he seemed rather flatterd and I think because of this he gave me an absolutely huge prawn! This single serving cost only rm8! For someone whose tastebuds have been numbed by bland westernised Asian food, this could have been the blandest dish in the country, but it tasted great to me!
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Some of the other dishes from the stalls in the restoran tasted great too, but I suspect that, to most Malaysians, this fried mee from the Chow Kuey Teow stall only tasted average.
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Ditto for this fish ball noodle soup. The fishballs were rather unique though .... not really ball shaped, but had a homemade flatshaped feel and taste to it.
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I am looking forward to much much more culinary delights in the days to come!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

That's certainly a huge prawn for an RM8 serving. It does look delicious, and frankly, I doubt that your tastebuds are numb seeing how you're constantly cooking up a malaysian storm in your kitchen!

Precious Pea said...

Hey....when are we meeting up? Wait for next week for WMW to come back? When you leaving?

ling239 said...

the prawn is gigantic!!

next time try the curry mee with roast pork ya ~ ^_^

Hazza said...

I think that a lot of western raw ingredients taste quite bland, so it probably does not take too much to stimulate my tastebuds ;)

precious pea,
sorted! :D

I told them about your blog! Maybe thats why they gave me this big prawn. Now when others read this, maybe he will get more customers ... he is certainly a canny businessman!