Sunday, 19 October 2008

DIm Sum lunch at Jin Xuan Hong Kong, Damansara Jaya

After over two and a half years away, it was nice to be back in Malaysia, albeit for only a fleeting visit. Had a dim sum lunch at a restaurant call Jin Xuan at Damansara Jaya, near Atria. I have beeb told its a relatively new restaurant. The crowds were encouraging and prices were keen. So how was the food?


This har gau was average. You can see plenty of prawns in it, but it seemed lacking in prawn taste.
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This chow loh bak is rather good. However, they used battered loh bak. The battered loh bak itself was a dish they sold on its own, so it gave me the impression that this was made from leftovers... hmmm.. better not to think of such things and just enjoy the food!
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This lo mai kei was rather average. There was only one piece of meat .. pictured.. and the sauce on top did not seem to have mixed in well with the rice. It was also too soggy.
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This was the highlight of the meal. A really meaty piece of marinated ribs.. so meaty it looked more like a mini pork chop! Sweet and sticky and full badness, but lovely tasting!
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Sang chow lo mai. Tastes quite good and all the ingredients could be tasted, without having any sauce or seasoning drowning the dish. It was quite greasy, but I think that is the nature of ths dish... how else can they fry the rice grains separately without using plenty of oil.
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The siu mai was not really worth blogging about. Similar to the char siu sellers from local markets.
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And the picture of the place...

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Overall a rather satisfying lunch, but omst of all, the price of rm50 for 3.5 persons were quite a good price! Made the mind think the food tasted even better than it was!!


dyson17 said...

Please help me understand why you would want to eat dim sum in Malaysia.I am a Malaysian living in Canada and when I return for my annual visits I only eat street food. No dim sum or fancy Cantonese restaurant food which is readily available in Canada and I a sure the same for the UK.

ling239 said...

hahahaa... it is worth the trip there right ? ^_^

Hazza said...

Chinese food in UK is far inferior to those in Canada (or at least Toronto, where I have been). In any case it was a treat, so I just tucked in and enjoy :)

not for this meal alone, haha! But yes, for all the other meals I am about to have!

CUMI & CIKI said...

just read about this place on kampungboycitygal! I didn't recognize it on their blog, but now i recognize it on yours! I have eaten here before. Some of the dimsum is good.. but don't eat the chicken feet! they are rubberized!

Hazza said...

I have seen the fung jow in mushroom stew and it did not look vry appetizinf, so we declined.

Lukemus.Maximus said...

Whenever I see food from Malaysia I miss it so much. I spent a month and a half in Malaysia and it was by far the best experience of my life. The food (such as the delicious Dim Sum) is super tasty and super cheap.

I plan to go back next summer. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Please help me understand why I cannot eat whatever I like, whenever I want to?