Sunday, 10 February 2008

Chinese New Year Dinner

To celebrate CNY, I cooked up something with a red theme. Not all thew dishes were of this colour but two were. Not a massive feast as there are only the three of us in the family, but nevertheless, I ensured that it was something we dont have everyday.

For once, healthy eating was not a consideration!

Here is the meal all laid out. Rice and drinks not in view.

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Butter tiger prawns, made with curry paste, butter, curry leaves, green chillies and garlic. Garnished with coarse black pepper and garlic salt.

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Deep fried battered squid. Batter was made light and fluffy by using egg and carbonated water.

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Sweet and sour pork. Using the same batter as the squid somehow did not work so well, as it got soggy very quickly once the sauce was added. Next time, I will make a tougher batter for the pork. Sauce was shop bought.

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Thai shrimp crackers. Cositing 4 times more than ordinary prawn crackers, but tastes only twic as good, so I would consider this a bit overpriced!

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Got another week and a half left of CNY, so I'll have plenty more excuses for more unhealthy meals like these!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well prawns are usually one of the essential items and u got it right!..what happen to the fish?? keke..

daphne said...

sweet and sour pork! yum! looks like a big spread for dinner! Happy CNY!

Nic (KHKL) said...

i've once heard that baking powder makes a very good batter...the result is a rather crispy skin. so far, it's just corn starch for me...

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

gong xi fa cai! hey, nic is right. cornflour makes a good batter for s & s pork.

ling239 said...

sotong on CNY ? :p

Happy CNY ~ ^_^

team bsg said...

well cooked well eaten
kong hei !
2 the 3 of you !
you will never starve even in da jungle

Lannae said...

Happy CNY! What a fantastic meal you made! The prawns look wonderful. I really like how your squid looked too. I have not made squid of my own before, but I would happily eat what you made! Was the squid and pork batter flour, egg and carbonated water? Hazza, I like your food blog, and all the wonderful cooking you do. I have learned so much so far.

teckiee said...

wahh now thats a lot of fried stuff. Then again you are right, healthy eating is not the option.

ilovepearly said...

Sweet and sour pork...mmmmmm I like some now!

Hazza said...

fish would be nice but I just got lazy :-)

hope you had a good cny too!

baking soda is good too, thought I had some but when I looked, it was not there :(

I will try using cornflour next time. I just used plain flour this time.

Sotong is sort of a "delicacy" in UK. Its not cheap like it is in M'sia.

gong xi fa cai!

Yes, the batter was just flour, egg and carbonated water, with a bit of salt and pepper. But it wasnt a smooth batter so it retained some crispy bits... a bit like how you make tempura.

once a year, I try to overlook the cholesterol in food.. hehe!

thanks for visiting my blog!