Sunday, 17 February 2008

Chinese New Year Celebrations In Manchester 2008

Last weekend in Manchester's Chinatown, we had the annual Chinese New Year carnival. Here are some of the shots I took on that lovely sunny afternoon.

The lion dancers went around Chinatown and into many Chinese business premises around the periphery. Made a lot of noise and I noticed many visitors were taken aback by the firecrackers.
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The main street in Chinatown.
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Some restaurant folks laid out their stalls oudoors selling their products at vastly inflated prices!
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We were lucky enough to be dining inside a restaurant when the lion dance came in!
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And what did we eat?
Assorted meat Cantonese Fried Ho Fun
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Chicken feet with Black Bean Sauce with rice.
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Beef Brsiket in Egg Noodle Soup
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wmw said...

Well, the beef brisket with egg noodle soup appeals to me :o). Lots of festivity in the air!

daphne said...

so crowded!!! Look at the satays...etc etc.. and i agree with wmw, the beef brisket looks really good in that pic.

Lannae said...

All the street food and the Lion Dance team looks quite appealing! I love the look of the yellow egg noodles street food. It is always a lucky day when you can see a Lion Dance.

ai wei said...

CNY in foreign country is soooo much different. i find it's still lack of something during my CNY in msia

Julian Si said...

Hi :-) thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comments.

I love your blog too :-) espesh having lived in MADchester for nearly 9 years in the mid-90s!

See ya :-)