Monday, 18 January 2010

Yook Woo Hin - Another visit - KL Chinatown

We visited this place back in Oct 2008, but on last year's visit, we had to go again as we realised that we did not know about one of their signature dishes then.

Located at No. 100, Jalan Petaling, this place was a bit busier than our last visit. It was about 12 noon and there were quite a few diners in there, most ordering either Singapore Meehoon, or beef ho fun, as pictured below.

What an amazing dish this was! Noodles were fresh this time and the beef was literally melt in your mouth in terms of texture, and yet retained its succulency. The sauce was also very tasty. I would recommend this tp anyone visiting this place!

We also had a dish of their char siu, which they are also renowned for. This tasted better than our last visit as it was fresher and juicier and the meat had just the right combination of fatty and lean bits within.

The filler dish was this rather bland looking plate of fried rice but it tasted much better than it looked! Maybe it was the msg, but we left this place quite satisfied, if not a bit puzzled as to how this lot somehow came to around rm30.


Bangsar-bAbE said...

Wow! That's quite a lot of beef on top of the noodles. I wonder if they are always this generous with the 'liu'. =)

Hazza said...

Yes, there plenty of liu! It was a 2 people potion, maybe thats why it cost so much!

Tummythoz said...

RM30 for the full meal or just d fried rice?

Hazza said...

Yes, rm30 for full meal. Does that seem ok?