Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hokkien Mee at Section 20, PJ

Location: Restoran Millenium Eighty Six
Section 20, Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya.
I don't know the exact road, but its a cornershop opposite the entrance of Giant supermarket.

Those old enough to remember will know that Hokkien mee used to come with squid and more meat / prawns that the ones you tend to get today. Since the mid 90s, I have found that the quality of this dish around KL and PJ has detriorated somewhat, and most of the regular vendors sold soggy noodles with very little meat and prawns in it. And more importantly, my favourite ingredient, the squid slices, seem to have diesppeared completely from the dish. Even the pieces of fried pork fat seem to have been reduced over the years.

I was reminiscing about this dish with an old school friend when he told me of this restaurant that cooked this dish the "old style", ie. with charcoal fire and with lots of meat, prawns, squid and pork fat. So off we went to savour it, and I was not disappointed at all! I'm afraid that the photo does not do it justice, but that's due to my lack of photography skills. The noodles had just the right texture and right amount of sauce and lots of pork fat pieces... which I left, but it was important to flavour the dish. Overall a very satisfying meal and worth another visit on my next trip to Malaysia.

We also had this Cantonese fried crispy noodle dish, which was very nice too. Again, it had lots of ingredients and not full of sauce like many other places.

To finish off the evening, we ordered some satay which was average but still very satisfying. I think this seller bought his satay from a bulk dealer as I have had identical tasting satay at many other places in PJ.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

if u ask for extra pork lard, they will sprinkle a whole layer on top of the noodles!

Dyson said...

I have eaten at this stall many times.The owner is called "Ah Hwa", often confused with the Hokkien Mee shop Ah Hwa in Jalan 222.I have to agree that the ingredients have been reduced in many Hokkien mee stalls but the quality of the plate of noodles has not changed.The prices that they charge have not kept up with inflation.The only way they can keep up their margins is to reduce the toppings. I remember I used to pay RM5 for a plate for one person 20 years ago. Today the same portion is RM6!

Hazza said...

I dont think I'd want to risk a coronary, as tasty as it may sound, lol!

RM5 would be expensive 20 years ago, so mayb they are just trying to be more competitive in today's climate.