Thursday, 25 June 2009

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett dies

Sad day for fans of these two entertainment legends. Both have played a big part in my growing up and I will always remember the moment I heard the news today.

Farrah was probably the most beautiful woman in the world in her prime and although she had limited acting ability, managed through hard graft, to earn respectability as an actress.

I can't say anything about MJ that has not been said already. Despite his weirdness and eccentricities, he was truly an undisputed musical genius.

RIP, Farrah and Michael. I managed to find these pics of them in their prime, and how I want to remember them before the ravages of age and diseases.


Tummythoz said...


ICEMAN 3:15 said...

Yeah, totally agree with what u wrote there bro. BTW of strange coincidence, did u realize that MJ passed away on the same day of the 25th anniversary of Prince's Purple Rain album? Looking forward to see all 3 of you again in July! Later bro!

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Sugar Bean said...

I love Michael Jackson's music a lot. They inspired me a lot, even though I've listened to them for countless times, I still can't get enough of his songs. Gonna miss him so much.