Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Dublin city in the summertime

Last month, we paid a visit to the Irish capital of Dublin for the first time. It was not exactly something I had planned a long time for, but when I came across some heavily discounted flight tickets, I thought it was worth a visit.

The first thing that struck me when arriving was how similar to the UK it was. Even before we left the airport, I saw some pallets in a corner suppplied by the company I work for!

So it was onto a bus into the city centre and we got off at probably the most famous modern landmark of the city, the millenium spire.

Then we walked a few hundred yards and we were at the river Liffey, with the Ha'penny footbridge spanning across it.

Then it was on to Dublin Castle. Here is a picture of the scenic castle garden.

Then before we checked into our hotel, we went to Parnell Street for some chinese food. I was told this was the unofficial chinatown of Dublin (it does not officially have one). Well, that was the last time I go there!! Restaurants were run by mainlander first generation immigrants and ordering Cantonese dishes were a huge mistake!

The worst wonton noodle soup I ever tasted! Wonton filling was chicken filling and the noodles were not fresh egg noodles.

This Young Chow fried rice was greasy and had hardly any taste nor meat.

That's all for part one.. more next time.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha trust these ppl to cook chinese rite?

wmw said...

Dublin finally ;o)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I didn't care much for Dublin when I last visited, but the outskirts of Dublin are amazing! Especially the coastal area. And I was impressed with the food I ate too, especially the seafood. (not Chinese hahaha).

Lannae said...

Oh, your photo of the spire is just wonderful! I like how little the people look compared to the spire. And the Chinese food, I am guessing that it would not be good in Ireland, a place with few Chinese people. I bet the Chinese food you had in Dublin is about the same quality as I can get where I live in the USA. It is not good, it is greasy and the noodles are not fresh.

tigerfish said...

Maybe I would just look for some Irish lamb stew next time. No chinese food for me there!

ling239 said...

Young Chow fried rice MUST have char siew leh...>.<"

sc said...

aduh, you shud have ate some irish food instead...

backstreetgluttons said...

haha , no wonder !

who ever heard of Chinatown Dublin !

Hazza said...

They're probably alright with non-Cantonses food.

more to come, I promise, just so much hassle to edit the photos.

lyrical lemongrass,
unfortunately, it was only a short visit, so no time to see outskirts. Hotels are so expensive!

I doubt that you can get worse than this. Thing is, there are lots of soute east asian people all over the city centre, not forgetting the huge student population at the uni. Maybe if I had gone to a more expensive restaurant, it would be better. However, at 7 euros, that plate of yung chow fried rice was already extortionate!

Somehow, Irish food was not widely available in Dublin centre.

thats right, but I think they used carrots to make it look like char siu.

Next visit, I will definitely put that on the "to do" list

Somehow I thought there would be, as there seems to be one in most major cities.