Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Assorted meat Ho Fun ( Rice Stick )

Here is my submission for Merdeka Open House: Mee and My Malaysia from

I'm afraid what I thought may have been my most appealing dish has already been blogged about here:

Well, here is another one along similar llines. Fried Ho Fun (Rice Sticks) Cantonese style is my favourite type of fried noodle dish. So, here, I have concocted one that makes use of bits of frozen seafood cocktail, but based its main flavouring comes from fresh slices of chicken, marined in soy soauce and black beans.

I first fry the noodles with a few drops of sweet soy and light soy,then set aside.

Next, I stir fry the chicken pieces, then add bits of seafood, in this case a few pieces of shrimps, fishballs, squid and choy sum. After that, add hot boiling stock (knorr cube, with oyster sauce, and shaosing wine). Then thicken sauce with cornflour. Stock must be boiling as you dont want to bring it to boil in the wok, resulting in overcooking the meat.

After that, just pour over the noodles and serve.


babe_kl said...

your "wart tarn hor" looked perfect esp the hor fun! it looked charred and smoky like those that came from charcoal fire.

thanks for contributing and remember to come to the party!

leomi said...

hi. i came across your blog when i was trying to look for recipe for malaysian curry chicken. am from malaysia too. anyway, your food blog looked damn nice and reminded me of how much i missed home cooked food. think i'm gonna give your 'war tarn hor' recipe a go ^_^

Nic (KHKL) said...

was re-reading your lobster hor fun post. really interesting, dude. well, this assorted meat hor fun looks good as well.

i guess the most important part is still the aroma and taste of the slightly charred hor fun. yumz!

Tummythoz said...

Only fried ho-fun once in my life & it ended up in a ball of mush. Any tips how to keep it loose like yours?

backstreetgluttons said...

bravo !

we will need 4 plates plse, no sauce no chili


Jin Hooi said...

Your Hor fun looks great !! i always love wart tarn hor .. yummy !!

Julian Si said...

Well done ... ah ... my old home of Manchester (1994 - 2003).


Nate-n-Annie said...

Great job. Just like mum makes it!

Nice wok, too!

passionfordecor said...

That looks REALLY good! My kind of noodles. Since I can't use wine in my cooking, can you recommend a substitute?

Hazza said...

Thanks for having me!

Buy good fresh ho fun. It goes a long way to making it taste good. good luck!

The taste of the ho fun is indeed what makes me like any dish made with noodle so much.

Two ways...1. Use loads of oil or 2. Use a non stick pan .. sprinkling water frequently to keep the noodles supple and fry it hot aand for short time only.

Anytime ;)

jin hooi,
thank you! I love it too, especially the ones in KL/PJ!

I wonder if we ever came across each other unknowingly?

Mums is always best, isnt it!

Use a veg stock. Carrots potatoes, cabbage, onions. Not sure if non-alcoholic wine works.

Valisa said...

this looks really fantastic. I am definitely going to try this!!!