Sunday, 13 April 2008

Mango Pandan Sago Pudding

Thanks to Daphne's recipe here, I have managed to embellish this to give it a unique pandan (screwpine) flavour.

Unfortunately, I have not used the best quality coconut milk here, but next time, I will make sure I get something better tasting.

The method is the same as Daphne's apart from me adding a blade of pandan leaf in the coconut milk, and also a drop of green pandan food flavouring. The result is a rich and satisfying dessert!

On a slightly different note, anyone recognise this Chow Kuey Teow seller from Penang? He was featured in a travel programme (Food Planet) in the UK. He has a manual hand operated fan underneath his wok, which I have never seen before. I just thought that his CKT must have been something special to be chosen for this programme, among the many excellent Penang CKT sellers on the island. How do you rate his CKT?


ling239 said...

u manage to get sago in UK ?

Akira 思胜 said...

Hi there... nice to be here...

If not mistaken the CKT is at Lebuh Cecil there, a place famous with morning and evening market...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks good..nice for a hot sunny afternoon...put some ice as well..

JL said...

Hi I am from Penang as well, Akira is correct this CKT seller operate at two diffrent location. Morning is at another street I don't know the street name just that in Hokkien we call it Street no.4 and afternoon time he will operate at Lebuh Cecil Market. His CKT is yummy.

Sugar Bean said...

Ling is right, where'd you find sago in UK? Last time when I was trying to cook, I couldn't even find some basic ingredients!

daphne said...

oh cool! U made this! I so agree with u that the pandan will add a really lovely flavour in it. nice!

Precious Pea said...

I like it with honeydew too!

tigerfish said...

I have never tried Penang CKT. It sounds like a must-try! I like CKT far I've only tried S'pore's version :)

How nice to have cold mango dessert after CKT...

Nic (KHKL) said...

when we were young, we used watermelon instead of honey dew or mango...easily available and can feed a whole village! haha...

durianberry said...

Oh wow I miss this dessert! My mom makes it using honeydew instead of mango

team bsg said...

looks like you are really flying everywhere from where you are !
scooping ckt breaking news to Malaysians from Manchester !
and pandan too OMG

Hazza said...

never gave it a thought. always seemed to be available.

thanks for visiting. i would like to visit that place when i am next in penang

ice is ok if its nice and warm, but at the moment, it is very cold in UK!

thanks for visiting. His ckt did look very appetising, hence i posted this.

in big cities, you can get almost everything. I could not get pandan leaves until last year though.

i have a habit of adding pandan cake flavouring whenever i use santan, even in curries! Its only since I found fresh leaves that I started using it less.

next time, I will use melon .. it does seem a better choice, especially if mango is not so sweet.

ckt is essentially same everywhere, but penang version taste much better!

i'd try watermelon, but hard to find sweet watermelon here.

fortunately, not too difficult to make, so miss it no more :)

I am hoping this will prompt someone to do a blog about this guy's ckt!