Friday, 18 April 2008

Malaysian Curry Chicken

This is probably the most common Malaysian curry dish. Not only is it deliciously rich and satisfying in taste, but also simple to cook. Sometimes, when you buy if from the nasi kandar or nasi lemak seller, the sauce can be a bit watery, but when you do it at home, you don't have to scrimp on the coconut milk and can make it nice and thick. The chicken has to be on-the-bone or you would lose 50% of the taste. Even better if you can chop it to bite size pieces, then the marrow is exposed and adds a wonderful flavour to the sauce.

The curry power was shop bought, made into a paste. Other ingredients include onions, curry leaves, and a blade of pandan (screwpine) leaf.

Then I fry the curry leaves, onions, and curry paste, in this order.

Then add chicken to brown before adding coconut milk, water and pandan leaf and left to stew for awhile.

And that is it!


creatingmylife said...

hi, where did u buy the curry leaves,and pandan? i live in london, and I have not seen any on sale here.

team bsg said...

your cooking style is a refreshing soak it to us layman's guide and useful to gluttons like us , who doesn't read ultra-elaborate no taste option 1 to 12 methods, ingredients multiple listings and pseudo state of the art technical specs which will spin our lips always the wrong way !

Hazza said...

I buy curry leaves from Indian / pakistani cash & carry - not just one run by indians but those that specialise in indian food and veg. Pandan leaves was from Wing Yip in Manchester. Some Thai supermarkets also sell them.

FOrtunately, good food does not have to be over elaborate. If the ingredients are good, they will speak for themselves.

tigerfish said...

OK. Chicken curry means more rice for me!

ling239 said...

why cooking seems to be so easy for u.... *jealous

Big Boys Oven said...

looks delicioous and pretty too, this is what i cook when I was in UK.