Friday, 7 March 2008

Quick Beef Rendang

When in a hurry and want some authentic Malaysian grub, Brahim sauces are a godsend! This classic dish is made so simple with this sauce. This particular version has even been specially packed for the UK, as you can see from the picture. It may say "Indonesian", but it is exactly the same as the ones you get at Giant in the Blue / Orange pack. It is available at some of the bigger conventional supermarkets, like Sainsburys.

Typically, I like to embellish cooking sauces to give it a more unique taste, in this case, the addition of curry leaves, capsicums and fresh tomatoes.

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daphne said...

me too!! I love brahims! Used this brand really often. I saw this packaging before although I tend to buy the orange/blue ones in oriental stores.

Jackson said...

the packaging look so different from malaysia version. I love their chicken curry version too

tigerfish said...

I've heard so much good about Brahims but I have never tried using it before! :O I have been missing out a lot. Quick beef rendang , yummy with steamed rice - what can be better?

Hazza said...

I am sure most Malaysians abroad cannot do without their Brahims sauces!

The contents are the same though. I also like the curry chicken version, although I thought that you can make that yourself cheaper by buying malaysian curry powder and santan separately.

Can you get this in US? Its the best "authentic" Malaysian sauce you can get abroad.

wmw said...

One of the things that I buy for my Sis in the States :o)