Thursday, 27 March 2008

Curry Sotong / Squid / Cuttlefish

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One of my favourite Malaysian dishes is the curried squid. The ones you get from the mamak stalls or nasi lemak seller. I would have this several times a week whenever I visited, but I always have a preference for small whole squids rather than the brown reconstituted cuttlefish.

My version is made from what I think is a cuttlefish. It looks exactly like the small squids, except that its rather huge .. about 6 times the size. Also its cleaned and frozen from fresh, so there are no tentacles and innards. Just the body itself. It makes the preparation really easy.

Curry powder, mixed into a paste
Curry leaves
Tamarind juice
Coconut milk
Tomato paste

I always blanch the squid first as it can be too fishy if cooked from raw.
Then I brown the curry leaves, onions and the curry paste together.
Then add the tomato paste, tamarind juice and coconut milk
Then add the squid and simmer for 10 mins - depending on the thickness of the squid.
And that's it!


ling239 said...

i do agree with u
me too prefer the white squid
those chemical treated ones are not so good and not healthy too... XD

Tummythoz said...

Wowsie delicious looking!

But I prefer those brown cuttlefish in Sambal Sotong which goes oh-so yummy with nasi lemak! Especially the tentacles.

tigerfish said...

Coincidentally, I featured some dried cuttlefish in my post today :D
HEee haw, this is so appetizing. It's generating lots of saliva, involuntarily! :D

daphne said...

the spicier the better!

JOjo said...

This is so cool to see Malaysian dishes in US' kitchen~~~

Keep it going!The malaysian survivor's spirit!

durianberry said...

Wow yummy yummy~ Good job at replicating this dish! Shame to say I don't know how to cook this :P

wmw said...

I prefer the brown ones ;o). All well and cooking up a storm again?

Hazza said...

to me, the brown squid has less taste and tougher, but I still like it.

I like this in sambal too, but more troublesome to make. Malaysian curry powder readily available, but not sambal - have to get the pestle and mortar out.

you just gave me a thought .. wonder what happens if i stew dried cuttlefish in a curry for a long time....

I agree too, but got no chillies at the time. it was an impulse dish :)

wherever we may be, we Malaysians will always crave for food from our homeland!

try my recipe and you may be pleasantly surprised!

cant do without my malaysian food! Eating them makes me recover quicker!