Sunday, 23 January 2011

House Special Chow Mein - Wong Wong Bakery, Manchester

At last I have managed to find a cheap compact mobile phone with a camera AND a battery that lasts up to 2 weeks between charging. Now I can take pictures anywhere I eat and do not have to plan ahead to take my camera with me.

One such occassion was when we were passing a branch of Wong Wong Bakery near Openshaw in Manchester. It was actually a little cafe attached to a Chinese warehouse and serve a limited amount of dishes to a mainly Chinese clientele. Hence their dishes are authentic and near restaurant quality but a bit cheaper.

This is the most expensive dish on their menu coming in at £7 for a large single portion. A stir fired mixture of fish balls, fish cake sliced pork, char siu, siew yook, roask duck, prawns, squid and straw mushroom over a bed of crispy noodles. Taste great and better than some more upmarket restaurtant in Chinatown.

Highly Recommended!


Penny said...

Hi there,

You should try the same dish at TaiWu when they have the 12-4pm special price. it's 5.50pounds and it's good!

Hazza said...

Thanks Penny, I will try that next time I am in city centre. I seldom go there because of the exorbitant parking fees.

Penny said...

Heh I know what you mean.. but on average we spend about 12 pounds for the meal and 5.60 i think for the parking :/

I'd suggest to go on a Sunday, free parking!

Hazza said...

I thought they did not have the special price for Sunday. but will check out next time. years ago when we went there the sunday lunchtime queue was so big we did not bother.