Thursday, 4 March 2010

A tribute to Fred Chan

I dont think anyone here know him, but he is one of the many people who inspired me to start a food blog. More specifically, he is a Chinese living in the north west of England, like myself, with a passion for food. Sadly he passed away recently after a long illness, so RIP, Fred. You will be missed.

You can still view his food blog here.


Lannae said...

I am sorry to see this about Fred. I am sorry for your loss. His food blog and photos are really nice.

Si Mc said...

I knew Fred in real life. I was just thinking about him today when I saw your post. He was a great guy - such a shame he passed away so young. Nice tribute.

Mister Posh-Nosh said...

Fred was a lovely man - I think of him when food pictures he took for me pop up on my screensaver.