Friday, 13 November 2009

Some Assorted Photos

Its been awhile since my last posting. My photos are scattered over a few different PCs and laptops and whenever I think of updating this blog, I find that I do not have the photos I want to upload on the pc I am using. So, until I get myself organised, I will upload a few of the older and random pics I have on this pc. Some may have uploaded before, but disappeared when the image host disappeared. I will be back soon with some proper decent blogs.

Spicy Grilled Tilapia - marinated with curry paste and coconut milk.

Malaysian Chicken Curry

BBQ Squid with corn on cob in Portugal

On a beach (Teluk Ketapang) in Pangkor Island in August 2009

Sweet Honey Mangoes from Pakistan (but bought in the UK!)

A Malaysian Restaurant in Dublin which we did not eat at because its so expensive!

Stewed Pig's Stomach - yummy!!


Julian Si said...

Malaysian restaurant in DUBLIN!? Respect!

Cheers from Malaysian in Abu Dhabi , UAE. ..

Hazza said...

~Hi Julian
Thanks for visiting my blog!