Thursday, 9 July 2009

Michael Jackson is not dead!

Here are 10 reasons why Michael Jackson might have faked his death.

1. Obvious! He was unable to fulfil his commitment to the 50 London dates but still needed to pocket the money.

2. He needed a boost in the sales of his music to pay off his debts.

3. Does Joe Jackson (his dad) look like a father grieving for a deceased son?

4. He was getting death threats from loan sharks for debts he was unable to pay.

5. His face has fallen apart so badly he can no longer face the public.

6. Nobody can really identify whose body it was. MJ never appeared in public without makeup and prosthetic face parts.

7. Clips of his rehearsal from the night before did not show a man who had eaten nothing but pills.

8. The real MJ has disappeared from public view in 1990. We have been seeing an imposter all these years. Hence the child abuse issues, and also this one can't sing! Listen to his public performances between 1988 and 1992 and look at the pics below. Clearly not the same person. Anyone can learn to dance like him, but not sing!


9. He was facing a new set of child abuse allegations. He neither had the money nor the will to fight anymore and knew he would not get away with it a third time.

10. Many major celebrities who died in the US had an open casket. Think Elvis, and James Brown. Why cant we see MJ's body? His face would certainly not look any different to whenhe was alive. What was (not) there to hide?

10th july 2009

Another bit about point 8 above:

Compare the singing of the song Human Nature in a 1987 and 1992 concert. He does not sound like the same person. The one in 1992 can hardly sing! I can sing better that this imposter!




awesomemike27 said...

I do Agree with you. I also believe Michael Jackson is NOT dead. But I will say at the viewing his casket was open for a few mins. PPL are telling me well why would he put his kids through that if that is true, and I tell them that clearly they're faking. Even At his funeral his daughter was crying, and I tell them that she was faking, You could obviously tell that those weren't real tears at all. He was(Is) a great singer, he is the King of Pop. But he is NOT dead

Anonymous said...

I hope he's faking his death. I don't want he passed away. I love you Michael. I will miss you..

Anonymous said...

Just as I are going to be the same people who claim you saw MJ in a mall or something...same thing with these people who claim to have seen Elvis in a mall. Get a clue. I wish this dude was not dead but...he is. RIP MJ

Anonymous said...

really, in my heart,i do hope that he's not really dead, may he find peace in life and or in death. mexroy

Anonymous said...

omg- it takes all kinds- the man is as dead as a piece of dessicated veal's liver at a fancy restaurant- D E A D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ARE YOU FOR REAL? JESUS CHRIST!!! UR A *** NUT (to original poster)? - I bet your religious too lol - MJ was an emotionaly tormented person his hole life (mostly due to his dad), add on top of his skills, he had the press on his back, all u got to do is listen to his lyics - he always sings about loneliness, even back to the jacksons albums ie - "the things i do for you" - "i give in to this - i give in to that everything bothers me so" - why is it so disturbing for ignorant c**ts like u who want to attack everything and smirk and be sarcastic - come on and grow up, just step back and look at the whole thing - regardless of if the kids are biologically his, fact is they since babies saw him as DAD - and now DAD is DEAD? - u dont think that was cause a shock response, denial? followed by tears? - jesus chist - F**k religon and f**k all of u with your sarcastic coments, your sad little no marks who will never achieve anything but you can't accept it - hey im not saying im anything, but i accept my life as it is, i dont play games with others lives, unlike u cowards - THE MAN TRIED TO DO THE RIGHT THING IN LIFE - *sigh* i look forward to the destruction of the world, theres nothing humaine about humans , even animals treat each other better that we do !!!

Mark said...

He had a lot of reason to have faked his death, and all you published are valid, but a few months ago, while I was buying viagra online , I listened on TV that everybody thought that MJ was alive, but nobody had evidence, and it's true. Until now, there are just rumors.