Saturday, 7 March 2009

Cantonese Roast Meats

A quick and convenient dinner is simply going to a local vendor and buying a portion of mixed Cantonese Roast Meat, containg Char Siu, Siew Yoke and Siew Aap. Translated, Sweet BBQ Pork, Crispy Roast Belly Pork and Roast Duck. This lot cost only £8. I have put a 6in ruler next to it to demonstrate the portion size here.. big enough to feed 3 - 4 adults!

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For those living locally in Manchester, I actually bought this from Chi Yip, which is located in Chadderton. Their Char Siu is usually only average, but the Roast Duck is about the best I have tasted in Greater Manchester and the Crispy Pork is quite good too. The skin is usually quite crispy if you eat it straight away.


Lannae said...

I miss Cantonese style meats! In my town, it is very hard to get this style. My mouth is watering looking at your photo! I just love roasted duck and crispy pork!

Vivien said...

quite a deal you got there, i love dark duck meat too

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Did you eat all of this? =D

Hazza said...

You must be the only chinese person in your town!

Yes, its a good price, and even better now if you consider the weak pound!

We had the siu yoke and roast duck between 2 adults and a child. The char siu, which was average (imagine the red char siu you get from wantan mee), I kept and used in fried rice another day.

wmw said...

Best come back for a bite of these in Malaysia ;oP

Hazza said...

Its the Malaysian char siu I miss the most! Cant get the dark and sweet type here!