Sunday, 14 September 2008

A cholesterol laden Kebab!

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One of my favourite fast food meals. I have pictured a kebab consisting of bbq'ed chicken tikka pieces, slices doner kebab meat, topped with salad and chilli yoghurt sauce, wrapped in a freshly baked nan bread.

I dont have this often due to obvious health reasons, but everytime I have it, it is like meeting an old friend after being years apart. Every bite is simply culinary ecstasy and I defy anyone with a taste for spicy food not to like this. Costs only a reasonable £3.80, it is cheaper than a portion of Yung Chow Fried Rice and much better value as there is a whole chicken breast in there. It will probably cost over £7 in Central London, but I have knack of finding the best value eats in Manchester and this is one of my favourite!


tigerfish said...

Whoa! I don't know where to start! I mean, where to start attacking the kebab!

wmw said...

I miss the Lamb Shawarmas I had in London :o(

Precious Pea said...

WOW!!! What is that piece of skin lookalike thingy?

Lannae said...

That looks really tasty good! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Hazza said...

Same here....i always end up eating around the perimiter, leaving the best for last!

I am sure I have seen similar looking shawarmas in the Section 17 pasar malam!

those slices are doner meat ... like a lamb shawarma on a huge revolving skewer, except that its made of finely minced lamb (I hope!)

indeed it was a rare treat!