Sunday, 13 July 2008

Garden Fresh Pak Choy

Still on the subject of oriental food here, but with a slight variation. During the summer months when the weather is milder, it is possible to grow pak choy in a greenhouse in the UK. Sometimes, you can grow it outdoors too, but then you expose it to all sorts of wildlife that might destroy it.

Anyway, it grows fast and we have more than enough to have it twice a week over the summer and early autumn months from this small patch in the greenhouse. Furthermore, we can grow them into the shape we prefer too.. I think the leaves are tastier, so the veg is grown close together to crowd out the branch, making it rather thin and allow the leaves to bloom.

Considering that it costs around £4.00 per kg to buy, it is quite a saving, especially these days!

Here is the greenhouse:

And here is the veg:


Precious Pea said...

Cool! I tried growing my own bak choy once but to us here, buying it from the market is cheaper (considering the fertilizer, water, soil and time to nurture the plants).

What other greens you have in the greenhouse?

ling239 said...

wow... u have a greenhouse ^O^
wat else do u plant?

ling239 said...
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daphne said...

u hv a greenhouse? gosh! and the plants look really healthy too. nicely done.

wmw said...

You are really a DIY guy! Hahaha...

Hazza said...

precious pea,
we have capsicum, beetroot, lettuce, spinach, among others. Not my favourite veg but my wife likes them.

Actually, its not me who plants them ;) Its my wife's greenhouse and her hobby!

My wife does take good care of them, its her pet hobby ;)

Lol, its not me! I just cook the stuff :)

tigerfish said...

Your wife's greenhouse is yours too,is it not? At least, you get to eat her vegetables....:D